Baby, it’s cold outside.

December 7, 2013

19 Weeks Pregnant!-24I know, I know. You have probably seen a million blog posts with this title. It’s a little cliché, however I do have an excuse – I’m almost 5 months pregnant, and today was our first official snow day in Tulsa! So there.

19 Weeks Pregnant!-35 19 Weeks Pregnant!-36Growing up in Texas, I never experienced snow, aside from the occasional dusting we would get. And by occasionally, I mean maybe 5 times in the 27 years I lived there, and the snow never really stuck. So living in the Midwest where we have “real winters” has been a real treat – and a learning experience. I have more experience with snow now that I am married to a boy from Alaska – we go visit at least once a year. But living with it day-to-day, driving in it, shoveling in it, taking the trash out in it – totally different than experiencing snow while on vacation! Still, I love every single snow flake that falls.

19 Weeks Pregnant!-40 19 Weeks Pregnant!-42The freezing rain started yesterday afternoon around 2, and it quickly turned into snow around 4. From there, it didn’t stop until sometime this afternoon.

Also, I am 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow! How exciting is that? I am growing (or really I should say, “we are growing”) by the day – it’s all so exciting! I have started feeling little kicks and stretches from our little one.

19 Weeks Pregnant!-26 19 Weeks Pregnant!-27 19 Weeks Pregnant!-28I tried to smile but the cold was bitter and making my eyes water. I promise I am really happy!

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