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December 11, 2013

untitled (107 of 117)I don’t know about you, but the Holidays were never really my “thing”. Don’t get me wrong – the being with family and presents part have always been my favorite thing, but the decorating traditions never really did it for me. That is, up until about a 2 years ago. And now that we are having a baby, my holiday instincts have finally kicked in fully force. If you saw my guest post yesterday on Jade & Fern, you have now seen my first holiday decoration in about 10 years – that’s kind of a big deal. Baby steps, you guys. And I’m loving it!

I started my foray into the realm of Holiday spirit by sending out Holiday Cards. Last year, I set up a little photobooth and made some reindeer and Santa Hat props for our Christmas photos. The pictures were super fun, and I ended up uploading them to Shutterfly and ordering my cards through them. When my cards arrived, the quality of the paper was similar to a Walgreens one hour printed photo. The resolution of the photos left a little to be desired. And I ended up feeling like I spent a little more than I should have. So this year, I decided to try something new. Hamor Printing is one of my sponsors here on The Clever Bunny, which is great because I have all kinds of printing needs (business cards, photo prints, etc.), and it’s really great having them as resource. Greeting cards and invitations are a large part of what they do, so this year, I used Hamor Printing’s online card ordering process.

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I’m a very tactile person – I have to touch everything I walk by, and I only buy clothes when the fabric feels good to touch. So naturally, paper quality is very important to me. I wanted a thick, matted card stock for our cards this year, instead of the thin, glossy one like the ones we ordered last year. On the Hamor Printing Holiday Card Website, you can order up to 3 samples of cards, so I ordered 3 of my favorite templates. They came quickly in the mail, and I was able to touch them and see the image resolution in person before making my decision.

The online ordering process was easy – I chose the template I wanted – which was hard to do because there were so many to choose from! HP offers a wide array of options – business holiday cards, family holiday cards, baby announcement holiday cards. The other thing I liked about their options was that there were plenty of cards that used wording like “Holidays” instead of “Christmas” exclusively. I like to be all inclusive during the Holiday season =) With this kind of wording, you aren’t leaving anyone out, and you can stretch that card sending season through the New Year.

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After you upload the photos, you edit the text on the card – some cards have more than one line (one line on front, one line inside or on back). It just depends on what you choose! And, Hamor Printing is offering a special right now that you receive free return address printing. HP delivers Holiday Cards to anywhere in the US, so anyone can order.

You can also add details to your order, like lined envelopes:

untitled (110 of 117) untitled (116 of 117)It adds a little extra holiday-ness, I think. =)

Be sure to check out Hamor Printing’s Holiday Card Website – we have a little less than two weeks until Christmas, but that is still plenty of time to get your cards!


**This is a sponsored post. Items gifted by Hamor Printing. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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