Dwell in the IDL: A tour of Downtown Tulsa Living Spaces.

December 17, 2013

Dwell in the IDL-97Earlier last month I was asked to do photos for The Tulsa Foundation for Architecture. They had two events in one weekend, and I tagged along for both. The second even was called Dwell in the IDL. It was a self guided tour that took place in Tulsa’s newly rejuvenated Brady and Blue Dome District, as well as the beautiful Art Deco District in heart of downtown Tulsa. One of my favorite things about this city is the beautifully kept architecture. One thing I learned from the TFA that for a long time, the real estate business lapses so badly in Tulsa that none had or wanted to invest the money into tearing down and rebuilding. Thankfully, because now we have all of these amazing historical buildings that are being preserved or renovated.

I wanted to share some of my favorite spots with you – I really loved every single home on the tour. It was such an awesome experience to get to see what downtown living in Tulsa is really like.

Dwell in the IDL-24 Dwell in the IDL-34 Dwell in the IDL-27 Dwell in the IDL-29 Dwell in the IDL-31Images above are form a work/living space at the newly build Green Arch Apartments. This facility follows a popular new development model – residential on top, retail below. While this kind of model is typically utilized in cities where space is lacking in popular areas (which is not a problem for downtown Tulsa), I am glad to see Tulsa is getting some metropolitan apartments like this one. This particular unit was on the first floor, with a large business store front (the area with the white couch) in front, and nice sized studio apartment in the back (the area with the white tulip table and orange chairs). I really loved the aesthetic of this unit. Concrete floors and an open floor plan, with lots of natural light (my favorite aspect of a home).

Dwell in the IDL-37 Dwell in the IDL-38 Dwell in the IDL-43This was the second unit we toured at the Green Arch – a more traditional living space. I fell in love with the ply wood floors – it looked like they were nailed down with a few thick layers of poly over them. I love this as an alternative to hardwoods. The living space and kitchen were upstairs, and both bedrooms and bathroom was downstairs. Dwell in the IDL-56 Dwell in the IDL-55 Dwell in the IDL-58 Dwell in the IDL-60 Dwell in the IDL-63 Dwell in the IDL-62 Dwell in the IDL-71Images above are from a beautiful home located in the Brady district. I am not sure on the square footage, but if i had to guess, I would say about 2,500. It has tons of windows and as you can see, huge sky lights. I loved all the light beaming in from everything direction. The floor plan was completely open with a small loft upstairs that acts as a guest room. Some fun features of this amazing space are its elevator and the floating t.v. behind the mirror in the bathroom:

Dwell in the IDL-72

See? How crazy is that?

Dwell in the IDL-83 Dwell in the IDL-85 Dwell in the IDL-90 Dwell in the IDL-91 Dwell in the IDL-96 Dwell in the IDL-97

Dwell in the IDL-79 Dwell in the IDL-102

Images above are from my favorite space on the tour, First Ward Hair Studio. Jessica & James are a really cute couple that both originate from Tulsa but have lived in New York and, most recently, Austin working as hair stylists. They moved back to Tulsa on an impulse when this space became available, and converted the 1920’s loft into a studio/living space. A lot of the features are original – the floors in the back, the patches of old painted walls and exposed brick. Those features, combined with Jessica and James’ impeccable taste, make this space look like a dream come true. I made sure to quickly book an appointment with Jessica after meeting her, and my affection for her and her talent are just as strong as my affection for her amazing studio.Dwell in the IDL-117 Dwell in the IDL-121 Dwell in the IDL-122Images above are of the historic Mayo building. As you can see from the hallway, this building used to be offices. In order to register as a historic building, they have kept up many of the Mayo’s historical features.

Dwell in the IDL-123Lastly is a project I am really, really anxious to see. A group has purchase the old YMCA downtown and is renovating the building into downtown living. This is a photo of the old pool that they dug up. Rumor has it that the old basketball court upstairs will be maintained as flooring for at least one unit!

Check out the TFA’s website for more info on their events and on purchasing a membership.

Visit Green Arch Apartments website for more info on renting a retail or living space (or both!)

Call First Ward or email to make an appointment by clicking HERE.

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