The Christensens.

December 20, 2013

ChristensenFamilyPhotos-73I wanted to share a few shots from a recent family photo shoot with my dear friend Maren and her gorgeous family. I met Maren when I first moved to Tulsa at a thrift store – she was 7 months pregnant and was every bit the beautiful, glowing mommy-to-be. Maren and Grant are tall, beautiful, and have hearts of gold. So I knew their baby was destined for cuteness, too! Leif is a sweet one and a half year old with blonde curls and dimples. So, yeah, perfect!

ChristensenFamilyPhotos-47 ChristensenFamilyPhotos-48 ChristensenFamilyPhotos-71 ChristensenFamilyPhotos-58 ChristensenFamilyPhotos-57ChristensenFamilyPhotos-82Thanks Maren for letting me share some of your family photos!

If you are a Tulsa or Oklahoma resident, check out my website for info on booking a shoot!


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