January 2, 2014

untitled (13 of 31)Welcome to our little work station, or as I like to think of it, a micro-office. We use our little built in breakfast nook in our kitchen for this work space. With the new year comes all of the obligatory talk of resolutions. While we all struggle with vices and personal goals, and sometimes beat ourselves up when we can’t follow through, I totally support making resolutions. For me, resolutions help me to refocus my attention on areas of my life that need constant attention and fine tuning. While I may not achieve my goals completely each year, I have noticed improvement in those areas with each new year. And that’s what it’s all about – baby steps.

I know I have mentioned in several posts before that I want to simplify my life. I crave organization now, and have started gravitating even more towards a minimalist style. I love the idea of a clean, simple home that functions like a well oil machine, but that can still look amazing and represent who we are, as a family. So while that might be a lofty goal, I am determined to keep working towards it. I figured the best place to start was our at home office. I am sure everyone has a place in their house that functions as the “catch-all” area. This table was that area for us. Mail would pile up, coats, bags, keys, change, junk of any kind, you name it. To actually sit at the desk, we would have to carve out a space for our computers. So I decided that this was a great place in the house to start manifesting my goals – our work station.

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I cleaned and organized all of the things on top of the desk, as well as shredded and threw away COPIOUS amounts of junk. I got rid of old pens, markers, colored pencils, put greeting cards we want to keep in a keepsake box, went through the old mail and filed away what we needed. I decided to add a little life in the nook as well, with a house plant that needed some sunlight love. The desk is actually our previous dining room table that Connor made. It’s a beautiful table, and it’s really big for a desk, which I love. The map is a thrift store find – $20 already framed. I painted the frame white to match the wainscoting on the walls.

untitled (9 of 31) untitled (27 of 31) untitled (17 of 31) untitled (30 of 31)And I really love the little vintage pendant light hanging in this nook. If I owned this home, I would replace it with something more modern, but I have learned to love its charm.

untitled (15 of 31) untitled (23 of 31) untitled (22 of 31)So here is to an organized and productive 2014! What are your goals for this year?

2 thoughts on “Resolutions.

  1. Marlene @ Jade and Fern

    You are so lucky to have a dedicated workspace! It’s so lovely and bright. You’ve cleaned it up beautifully (at least from how I pictured the “before” which looks like my “now”!). I’m still mulling over my goals for the new year. I’ve been seeing some people just focusing on a word or a few words and I like that idea. I’m leaning towards “self-care” and “growth”.

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