Airplant Terrarium.

January 6, 2014

untitled (8 of 58)Ah the terrarium. The endless possibilities of layering rocks, stones, moss and plants. It never gets old, and you might feel inundated by the internet’s plethora of air plant DIY’s. But seriously, they are just so pretty and satisfyingly easy to make.

This is my first stab at being an air plant parent (and I use the term “stab” reluctantly because I am a notorious plant killer…), so I wanted to be sure to follow the instructions. Carefully. The air plant needs lots of, well, air, obvs, so the large mason jar I had them stacked in probably wasn’t the best choice.

untitled (3 of 58)I purchased this inexpensive glass dish ($5) and these river stones ($3) from a craft store.

untitled (21 of 58)I carefully layered the river stones on bottom, and placed my air plants, also known as Tillandsia, on top. I ordered my plants from Air Plant Supply Co. I purchased one for a friend to accompany a gift I got her for her birthday, and decided to get a couple for myself as well. They have so many beautiful choices – I do feel a little addicted after my first purchase. Tillandsia are so small and versatile and delicate and pretty. You set them on top of anything and they only require a short bath once a week. I want more!

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