The Recovered Recovered Chair.

January 8, 2014

untitled (40 of 58)No, the title of this post isn’t a typo. Yes, I did recover a chair I bought on Craigslist for $20 twice. Why? Because, I don’t know. I never sit in this chair. It sits in the corner of our bedroom, kind of in the way actually, and the only purpose it serves now is to hold copious amounts of clean laundry I refuse to fold. But still, I just couldn’t part with it. Maybe it’s because I spent SO MANY HOURS sanding this little guy down and staining it. Remember this post? I spent several hours getting this chair into shape, that when it came to recovering, I was less than enthusiastic about that part of the process. And it shows.

untitled (25 of 58) untitled (26 of 58)This is the first recovering job I did on the seat of the chair. You can see from the photos that I a.) did not use a foam padding big enough to cover the entire seat and b.) did a pretty sloppy job of stapling the fabric down. I just wanted to finish the project.

Ultimately, as my style starts narrowing more and more to a minimalist palette, I needed a neutral fabric to complement the other neutral (and cool) tones in our bedroom. This red and white lattice printed fabric went with absolutely nothing in our room. So it had to go. I found a really pretty dull gray – almost militant gray – linen fabric. I bought less than a yard, so I think I spent about $9.

untitled (28 of 58)I bought a larger foam pad this time (you can always trim the foam if it is too big), and started stapling it down:

untitled (31 of 58)

Then I wrapped the fabric around the seat to measure how much I needed, cut and started stapling the fabric down.

untitled (36 of 58) untitled (38 of 58)

The seat screws into the chair frame at four posts. Pretty simple and straightforward.

untitled (56 of 58) untitled (54 of 58)

6 thoughts on “The Recovered Recovered Chair.

  1. Krys

    Great re-do! Much better than the fabric you had before. I’m about to reupholster my $20 Craigslist chair for the third time. That’s the beauty of upholstery I guess, right?

    1. thecleverbunny

      Haha exactly! And thank you – One thing I have learned about myself is that I tire of patterns very quickly, so it’s almost better to stay away from them, unless it is a pillow or something interchangeable. Live and learn!

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