Nursery Wish List.

January 9, 2014

Baby Cartland Nursery
Connor and I have a trip planned to shop for our nursery! Unfortunately, Tulsa does not have some of the larger stores – Ikea, Crate & Barrel, West Elm. My mom gave me a great book called Baby Bargains that rates thousands of baby items – everything from nursery furniture to diaper bags to strollers to nursing covers – all based on consumer ratings and safety reports. Ikea scored top of the list for safety AND price. That, coupled with the fact that I LOVE modern Swedish design, makes our decision pretty simple.
Ikea Crib, CB2 floor pouf, Swiss Cross Reversible Throw Blanket, Anthropologie Library Letters, TidwellHollowFriends Woodland Fox and Raccoon Animals, Kay Bojesen – The Elephant

Our nursery theme will be a general animal theme. I chose gray and yellow and white early on because they were gender neutral and I love the bright and sunny combination. We tossed around several theme ideas – bicycles, whales, nautical. But ultimately, baby animals won! Mostly because of my most wanted item(s) on my wish list, these amazing baby animal photo prints from Sharon Montrose. I registered for several of these on our baby registry and can’t wait to hang them in our son’s room!

I will start updating soon on the progress of our little guy’s room.



3 thoughts on “Nursery Wish List.

  1. Laura

    Love the color scheme, but use the yellow sparingly (although I’m sure you will). Thanks to the psychology of color studies, yellow has been proven to make babies agitated & antsy. or ask my parents for further proof-they painted my walls & all my furniture yellow (you may remember the yellow furniture)-I was f.u.s.s.y.! 😉

    1. thecleverbunny

      Good call! I really wasn’t planning to put a whole lot of yellow in my scheme, but I wanted a little pop of color here and there, ya know? We purchased the furniture, and so far we have a birch crib, a birch and white dresser, and white cubed shelf, and a birch and white rocking chair. I registered for gray and white bedding, so yellow would just be details I guess!

      1. Laura

        It sounds perfect! I’ve lusted over that yellow pouf you pictured for years-I hope you get one! They are so versatile with kids and a great way to add color.


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