Bedroom Details.

January 27, 2014

untitled (31 of 61)I don’t know about you, but home tours are kind of my favorite online guilty pleasure. I love getting peaks into people’s homes! Which I guess would explain this post. I added a few new details to our bedroom – a new lamp and sweater knit blanket to the bed – just because it felt like time to change it a little. For a long time we have had a vintage straw lamp on our dresser – you can see it in this post on the dresser – but it is too big for our dresser and I wanted something a little more understated.

untitled (22 of 61) untitled (27 of 61)I found this one at Target, and I really love the shape and size. I went with a gray shade just to try something different.

untitled (29 of 61) untitled (30 of 61) untitled (31 of 61)I found this vintage Seth Thomas clock on eBay a while back.

untitled (39 of 61) untitled (41 of 61)My favorite addition is this super soft and heavy and warm sweater knit blanket from Target. With 8 degree mornings here in Tulsa, we needed a little extra coverage to keep the chill out of the room.

What kind of details do you like to change in your house frequently?

7 thoughts on “Bedroom Details.

    1. thecleverbunny

      Thank you! Yes – I agree- target has been way on point lately! I love their Nate Berkus stuff – and all the new designers they have added are doing great things!

      The photograph is actually one of mine – I took that photo in Hawaii and had it printed for a friend of mine for her birthday. I decided to use it in the bedroom tour before I gave it to her and realized how perfect it went with our bedroom aesthetic. And what a calming photo for a bedroom, too!

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