Nursery Progress & a Pregnancy Update!

January 28, 2014

imageIf you guys follow my Instagram account then you already know that we are now at the 26th week mark of pregnancy! We are about 1 week away from embarking on the 3rd trimester, which is hard to believe! This pregnancy has flown by so far, and before we know it, we will have a little one in our arms. And we can’t wait (but will, until he is good and ready!) My belly is growing steadily – right on target for 6.5 months. Our little boy is starting to move around a lot more – I have tons of video to prove it! It’s surreal to see my stomach peak up in certain spots when he kicks. And, absolutely, the best feeling in the world.

We have made major progress in the nursery. We have almost everything we need, furniture wise, and are waiting to finish those little details (crib bedding and we are waiting on our rocking chair to arrive). I am too excited to wait so I decided to share a few sneak previews of our nursery:

imageHere is the best dad in the world putting together the crib and nursery furniture – I’m not gonna lie – I got a little weepy taking these pictures…

untitled (54 of 61) untitled (52 of 61) untitled (56 of 61) untitled (59 of 61) untitled (60 of 61)Connor picked out the cowhide rug from Ikea and it looks amazing! I love our little old house but the floors are kind of a disaster. If we owned this home, it would be my first big investment to have them redone. The stain, while cracked and chipping (we constantly find shavings from the cheap poly they finished the floor with on our socks and in our bed/couch), is also an orange hue. Not. A. Fan. And I worried what our light birch nursery furniture would look like with these floors. Luckily, this cowhide rug kind of levels the playing field a little, bringing those warm tones down a bit.

My mom sent us the first 4 of the Animal Prints by Sharon Montrose that we registered for! I can’t WAIT to hang them.

I can’t wait to share more! What do you think so far?

4 thoughts on “Nursery Progress & a Pregnancy Update!

  1. Bekah Decker

    I’m loving it! I can’t wait to see it all come together. We have an old house too and the floors are faded and scratched. Trying to embrace it as old house charm for now;) From the little glimpse in that photo, your floors look like mine, but yours look a little better!Rugs make a huge difference, and that cowhide rug looks awesome!

  2. Minnie

    I love those prints! It looks like the nursery will be so serene. Also, be glad you have wood floors! My apartment has gross red/brown old carpet– it is the worst!


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