February 3, 2014

Book--Macreme (28 of 58)I started knitting again. And by “started knitting again”, I mean I knitted one thing unsuccessfully and started knitting another thing a month ago and haven’t picked it up since. I thought that if I posted this photo of part of my yarn collection it would reinforce my motivation to get back at it.

What projects have you started recently??

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  1. ghetran

    Haha! I´m also like that!;-) I made a beanie last year and finished it this year and now it´s not so cold outside, so I don´t get to wear it..;-)

  2. Megan-Anne

    I’ve been working on the same pair of socks for two weeks. I make it, frog it, knit it, frog it again. If I hadn’t promised I would put up a free sock pattern, I would abandon this project so fast.


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