Journal Upgrade.

February 5, 2014

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I get a lot of promotional items from work – bags, bottles, pens, calendars. Most of the time, they stay at my office hidden away in my secret clutter drawer. When I received this journal last week, though, I admired it’s binding and heavy paper,  and it made me think, with a little upgrade, I could actually use this. I read a post on Eat Sleep Cuddle a few weeks ago and Whitney, the lovely owner of the blog (and new mom!) wrote about how she started journaling her moments with her newborn baby. This is something I have been wanting to do during my pregnancy. I want to remember how I felt during this time, and maybe even show it to my son one day, if that sort of thing doesn’t embarrass him =).

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All I needed was the journal (obvs), some fabric, fabric glue and a suede strap. I used leftover fabric from this project, but I imagine it would be really fun to use a loud pattern or bright color.

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Glue the binding down first, so that it acts as a baseline for the rest of the fabric.

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You can be generous with the glue, but it dries quickly, so you want to make sure to spread it out evenly.

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I used fabric glue for the suede as well, gluing it under the inside flap of the fabric.

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