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February 19, 2014

IG2New shoes that are slowly disappearing from view// I started the Design Sponge 30 Day Minimalist Challenge – getting rid of stuff each day for a month// I’ve been keeping fresh tulips around the house in hopes of summoning spring// I can’t wait to have a cup of coffee. I gave it up when I learned I was pregnant and have been lusting after Connor’s for the past 7 months. This was at one of our favorite local coffee shop/bars, Hodges Bend here in Tulsa// Breaking in our new H&M chambray sheets – loving them// My sweet husband made me pancakes last weekend before he went out for a bike ride. It was a nice start to the day// I’m (WE!) are getting big! Almost 30 weeks now. Time flies!// I’ve been indulging in the post-Valentine stash of candy around the office.

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