Make: Custom Greeting Cards with Artifact Uprising.

March 13, 2014

Greeting Cards-27I recently discovered Artifact Uprising, a photo printing service based out of Colorado that offers beautiful, matte prints. The quality of the paper and the print itself is hard to come by – I was floored when I received my package of photo prints in the mail. They are so dreamy. Their mission is to cultivate creativity, and to reduce their environmental impact in the process (they use 100% recycled paper for their prints).

Greeting Cards-24

My mother’s birthday was approaching, and I wanted to make her something special. Ever since I can remember, my mom has loved greeting cards. We would spend lots of time scouring the greeting card section at the grocery store, laughing at cards and picking out our favorites, and my mom would always keep a collection on hand of her favorites to send out when needed. Beyond loving greeting cards, she is a wonderful letter writer. To this day, she sends me hand written notes in the mail just to say hi, and I have kept almost all of the over the years – (most recently, she sent me an uplifting note when she knew I was feeling anxious over not having gotten pregnant yet. A couple of weeks later, a positive pregnancy test followed!) There is something magical about my mother’s letters, and I wanted to make something for her to nurture her gift of words.

Greeting Cards-23Artifact Uprising has several print options on their website, one of them being this simple 5 X 5 print. I wanted to keep it simple, so I chose this option, the Square Print Set. I chose a small collection of several photos I have taken with my iPhone recently (this print option lets you choose 25 for $21.99) and added some text in Photoshop which I have to say, was kind of my favorite part of the process. It was so much fun!! I made some specific for birthdays, get well cards, thank you notes. And others I left blank. I wanted my mom to have options.

Here are some of my favorites that I made:

image imageimageimage

I used a typewriter font in Photoshop on all the cards to keep the look of the “collection” cohesive. I used photos from my recent trip to Hawaii, to the Ozarks, Kansas City, MO. I also used some of my favorites from my “everyday” Instagram photos. They took about a week to print, and they shipped in a few days.

Greeting Cards-25 Greeting Cards-26 Greeting Cards-28 Greeting Cards-29

I am absolutely IN LOVE with A/U prints. I am already scheming on all the ways I will use them in the future for photo printing. They offer photo books, calendars, wooden block sets, and they have a smartphone app that allows you to upload your photos directly from your phone – think of all the possibilities for gifts when our little boy comes along! I have also been thinking I will make some “thank you for your business” cards to give to my photography clients with their photos.

Check out Artifact Uprising’s website by clicking HERE. And Happy Birthday, Mom!

6 thoughts on “Make: Custom Greeting Cards with Artifact Uprising.

  1. Marlene

    Oh Katy–if you ever need extra work, you should go into writing greeting cards! These are perfect! The prints are awesome of course, but I love your little phrases even more. What a sweet gift for your mother, I’m sure she will love them!

    1. Post author

      It would be such a fun job! Haha! I told my mom that the other day that maybe that will be my retirement career =) Thank you Marlene!

    1. Post author

      Thank you Laura! The envelopes were not included with the prints. I purchased them from a craft store – it was admittedly difficult to find envelopes that would fit a 5X5 card stock – most have more rectangular dimensions. I am hoping this is a feature that Artifact Uprising might add to their store in the future!

  2. Nina

    What a cute idea, I bet your mom loved them!! Can you please share how you managed to get the type sharp in photoshop? When I add text in Photoshop then export my photos into Artifact Uprising they seem to lose their sharp edge.

    1. Post author

      Thank you! She did love them – in fact, she had a hard time parting with them! Instead of sending them out as cards, she kept a lot! haha

      After adding text in photoshop, I just made sure to export them at a high quality – what pixel/image size are you exporting it to??


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