Make: An Ombre Green St. Patrick’s Day Cake

March 17, 2014

St Pattys Cake Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! In lieu of my normal pint with a side of whiskey neat, I decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year with green cake- that’s right folks. Green cake is the new green beer, at least when you are 33 weeks pregnant. Not only is this a green cake, it’s an ombre green cake!

St Pattys Cake-14

I followed this recipe for the cake, adding green food coloring to the cake batter.

St Pattys Cake-1I added green food coloring in 3 steps. Since this is a layered cake, I cut the batter into 3 equal portions, adding a little more food coloring to each portion before pouring it into the pan. St Pattys Cake-2After mixing in the food coloring, I had 3 cake pans varying in degrees of greenness. st p cake topperWhile the cakes baked, I used that time to make a cake topper using dark and neon green pom poms…

St Pattys Cake-5After baking and cooling, it was time to ice the cake! Kind of my favorite part…second favorite, next to eating it.

St Pattys Cake-6I added some shaved coconut to the top for a little savory texture…St Pattys Cake-8…and added the cake topper…St Pattys Cake-10…and then sliced!St Pattys Cake-13And enjoy! To those of you not pregnant, I would venture to say this cake would be super delicious with a cold beer. But that’s just me.St Pattys Cake-9I hope you enjoy a happy and safe St. Patty’s Day!


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