Baby Cartland’s Nursery Tour!

April 15, 2014

Colin's Nursery-2Hey guys! Well, it’s been a long time coming, but we finally finished Baby Cartland’s nursery! We had the bulk of it done a couple of months ago, but we still needed to add a few details, like curtains and hanging photos, to call it complete and ready for our sweet boy. We are a little more than 2 weeks away from our due date, and with the nursery complete, all I have to focus on now is bringing this baby safely into the world. And that’s a lot of stress on its own, trust me!

CollagesWhen we found out we were pregnant, I immediately knew I wanted our baby’s room to be white, bright and gender neutral. I pondered the idea of adding vintage pieces to the nursery, but in the end, decided on a more modern look. We were able to get most of our pieces from Ikea, which rates among the safest and least expensive in nursery furniture.

Colin's Nursery-18 Colin's Nursery-21We ended up buying the Gulliver Crib in birch. It converts into a toddler bed as well. My only complaint is the warning stickers that Ikea slaps to both the inside and outside of the crib (as seen in photo) – I could’t get it off! Any tips on that issue are welcome!

Colin's Nursery-17The tassel garland was a last minute detail. I didn’t feel comfortable hanging any frames above the crib (we have plaster walls and rent our home, so we have to hang most things with 3M hanging stickers), but I wanted to add a little something above the crib to incorporate some color. And this garland is easily removable for when he does start sleeping in his crib. Making it was super easy, too! Here is a simple tutorial you can follow to make some of your own.

Colin's Nursery-1 Colin's Nursery-3I initially wanted an Eames rocker for the nursery, but ultimately, we decided against it in the name of comfort. Connor and I are both tall, and in the interest of not nursing in our bed, I intend to spend a lot of time nursing in a rocking chair. This Poang rocking chair from Ikea is UBER comfy, and contrary to my fears, it fits perfectly in this room! The only warning I would have when ordering this chair online is that the color was more off white than the photo portrayed (I chose the “natural” cushion). But, it works. The floor pouf is from Land of Nod, and the cowhide rug is from Ikea.Colin's Nursery-14 Colin's Nursery-19The dresser is the Mandal from Ikea as well. We opted out of a changing table and decided to double a dresser as storage/changing. This dresser measured the same height as a changing table sold at Ikea, and I liked the idea of it being a piece we could use for a long time either in his room or another. I LOVE this dresser so much!

Colin's Nursery-8 Colin's Nursery-7You can find a contoured changing pad at most baby stores, or even Target, these days. I got ours at Babies R Us here in Tulsa. The paper lamp is also Ikea.

Colin's Nursery-6 Colin's Nursery-15 Colin's Nursery-9 Colin's Nursery-13I am IN LOVE with these Sharon Montrose Animal Prints ! We registered for 9 of these prints and I was so excited to receive all of them! My mom told me that studies show that looking at a baby animal once a day helps to reduce stress levels. Hopefully these prints will help to make a happy baby =)

Colin's Nursery-10I found this woven basket at a thrift store in Skiatook, OK. I originally planned to use it to hold extra blankets, then I was going to give it away, then I realized it was perfect for our nursery to hold extra toys!

Colin's Nursery-11 Colin's Nursery-26 Colin's Nursery-25 Colin's Nursery-24And of course the Ikea Expedit shelf – I mean how do we live without it?? We will have to, apparently, as Ikea is replacing it with a new version of shelving. This little square book case is just big enough to hold all of the adorable books we received as gifts and a few toys.

Colin's Nursery1I found this “C” shaped book at Anthropologie  and the plant was part of the decor for our baby shower. I am so happy I got to incorporate it into the nursery.

Colin's Nursery-20The teddy bear is a gift from Paris from two of my favorite ladies, one of whom lives there. The Swiss Cross pillow is handmade by me.

Colin's Nursery-3Thank you so much for bearing through what is probably TOO many photos! It’s just so exciting and I am really happy with how his nursery turned out. And as my friend pointed out, it probably won’t ever look this tidy again, so now is a good time to share.

Now, we are excitedly awaiting Baby Cartland! We can’t wait to show him his new space!


9 thoughts on “Baby Cartland’s Nursery Tour!

  1. inga

    I love what you have done!! You have actually put together almost the exact nursery I have in my head and it is great to be able to see how it can come together. Definitely not too many photos for me, I like being able to see every last detail. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    1. Post author

      Thank you so much for the compliment!I am so glad you like it. I dreamed the nursery up in my head at the very beginning of my pregnancy and we had the room ready for almost 2 months before Colin was born. Haha! I had very specific ideas of what I wanted – simple, bright, clean and gender neutral. I still love his room more than any room in the house. Good luck with your nursery – glad you found inspiration here!

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  3. Heather

    Love the nursery! How do you feel about the height of the dresser? I was thinking about getting it for our nursery but it seemed a little low in the store (would double as changing table also). Does it work well once the changing pad is on there?

    1. Post author

      Hi Heather! The dresser actually worked out great. My husband and I are both pretty tall – I am 5’10 and he is 6’3. And the dresser was perfect. In fact, I checked the measurements before I purchased the dresser and it and the changing table I was looking to buy were almost exactly the same height. With the added inches of the changing pad, it works out exactly as needed! Good luck on decorating your nursery! Such a fun time!

  4. Hannah

    Hi there! I just stumbled across your blog. I absolutely love your nursery – it’s gorgeous. What size prints did you get of the baby animals and did you get them framed or just buy frames? They are lovely. Thanks!

    1. Post author

      Hi Hannah! I ordered about eight 8.5 X 11 inch prints and one 11 X 17 I believe. I bought the frames from Ikea (the cheap ones that have plastic instead of glass – I didn’t want to hang anything with glass in it over baby’s bed!).

  5. Hannah

    Hi Katy, I was wondering how did you find the Ikea Poang rocker? Was it worth buying the rocker? Tossing up between the normal poang or the rocker version. Any advice appreciated! 🙂


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