Make: Homemade Rosemary Sugar Scrub.

August 26, 2014

untitled-103We have been trying to trim the fat off of our budget lately, so one of the first things to go was my bi-monthly pedicure, something I had admittedly gotten reeeeeally accustomed to having. Especially in the summer, when my skin tends to get extra callous. I always pay the extra $6 at my local nail salon for the sugar scrub, and it has become my favorite part of the pedicure  process.

untitled-79 untitled-96I was really happy to find that after one simple Google search there are about a million DIY sugar scrub recipes that are both simple to make and inexpensive. I found one that is 2 parts sugar (either brown or white – I chose brown), 1 part coconut oil ( I purchased the 365 brand from Whole Foods) and a few drops of aromatic oil (I chose rosemary).

untitled-90 untitled-105Super easy! I used it in the shower this morning and I love the silky smooth feeling it left on my legs and feet. One tip – I would pop the scrub in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes before using to thicken it up a bit.


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