Make: A Coiled Rope Trivet

September 3, 2014

untitled-9If you are like me and have heat rings all over your house, then there is no such thing as too many trivets. I had the idea to make this trivet the other day using some rope and wooden beads I had lying around. A while back I purchased these wooden beads for the beaded extension cord project, and I maaaaaay have gone a little overboard on the quantity. Also, I maaaaaaay have a problem with owning too much rope. Especially for someone who owns neither a boat or a truck with which to use said rope.


So what is a girl to do with all these beads and rope? Make an awesome trivot, that’s what!! And you know me – it’s a really simple project, just how I like it.

Just start coiling the rope and glueing as you go (I used hot glue because I thrive on instant gratification), and keep going until you achieve the desired trivet size.

untitled-66Once you have the trivot to the size you want, go ahead and glue on the beads to act as feet for the trivot. I painted my trivet with black acrylic paint, just because I like the drama. That’s right. I used the words trivet and drama in the same sentence.

untitled-47 untitled-32 untitled-28It’s perfect for my morning coffee. And it would definitely be sturdy enough to put a small pot on.

untitled-49 untitled-53What do you think? It might be fun to do a few more in coordinating colors.


One thought on “Make: A Coiled Rope Trivet

  1. Marlene

    This is so cute! I also love that you are a rope hoarder, too funny. I have a surprising number of hoarded furniture “to be refinished” for someone who doesn’t have a workshop. 🙂


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