Our New Place: Mapping Out the Living Room

December 1, 2014


Our new apartment has one, big rectangular room that will double as both our dining area and our living space. The apartment is about 86 square meters (which is roughly 925 square feet, give or take), which is about the same size (only a tiny bit smaller than) as our home in Tulsa was. Much like our home in Tulsa, I think we will spend the majority of our time in the living room- it’ll be Colin’s play space, our “office” and an area for us to relax and entertain in. That’s asking a lot of one room. So I want to do right by it and pick the right stuff!

Connor and I decided before we moved here to continue our thrifty lifestyle. We chose in favor of saving and spending money on travel vs having super expensive furniture. Don’t get me wrong- it’s super tempting to buy nice things here- there is so much to choose from!! But having an infant and a desire to see the world trumps those temptations. We did, however decide to invest in one nice piece of furniture, one that we can carry with us from house to house through the years and have forever! More on that in a later post!

Anyway- we picked a few things from Ikea as well as a couple of stores here that my friend recommended to me that I quickly fell in love with – Muji and Habitat. I chose my normal gray and black and wood- I tried to mix it up with some brighter pastels and earth tones- what do you think? Suggestions? Love it? Hate it?

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