January 18, 2015

Paris Apartment Unpacking-8

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” – Alan Watts

Sometimes I feel like the earth beneath me is spinning, and I am trying to keep up. The last 2 months have been gone by unbelievably fast, and we have gone through so many huge changes as a family. A new country and apartment to call home, holiday travel, our now-8-month-old son is growing quickly and has added several new tricks to his repertoire. He can sit up on his own, almost crawl, and he can pull himself up on the rails of his crib. I am attempting to get my reigns in on a new neighborhood and language and public transportation system as well as adjusting to Connor’s crazy travel schedule and, generally, a new way of life. It is such an incredible adventure that I am extremely happy to be a part of! All of these changes are exciting and exhausting, and I am trying to remember to move with them, to plunge into them and to be continuously grateful during the process.

I have been obsessed with getting this apartment put together. While we were gone on holiday vacation, I lay awake in bed visualizing an unpacked and perfectly organized home. I am sad to report that we are far from that goal. It will definitely take time.

Paris Apartment Unpacking-17I have managed to organize a few nooks and crannies in the new place, however, and I thought I would share the progress we have made so far..

Paris Apartment Unpacking-2Colin’s room also doubles as a guest room, with an en suite. It’s an awesome little space for him and I love this pull out sofa we purchased for the room. I sit on it all the time when he is playing in here.

Paris Apartment Unpacking-3 Paris ApartmentIt feels so good to be sleeping in our own bed finally. I will never take it for granted again! Our room is slowly coming together.

Paris Apartment Unpacking-7Our bathroom is so luxurious! It’s quite different than what I was expecting to have here. Colin has his very own little bathtub below this window.

Paris Apartment Unpacking-9 Paris Apartment Unpacking-11The living room is our main hang-out space right now. It’s not super huge but it is cozy and perfect for Colin to roll around on the floor.

Paris Apartment Unpacking-12 Paris Apartment Unpacking-13One of my favorite features in the living/dining room is the marble mantel. We are going to use it as our bar, and I’ve had fun arranging little pretties all over it. My friend Susan brought these awesome woven bowls back from Cape Town recently.

Paris Apartment Unpacking-14This is the view from one of our dining room windows. We are on the first floor, which in most of Europe is the American second floor.

Paris Apartment Unpacking-16Another gift from my friend Susan is this set of delicious smelling hand soap and lotion by Aesop. I can’t wait to visit the shop here in Paris!

Paris Apartment Unpacking-10The winding staircase up to our apartment.

So we have made some progress. We have also met a couple of our neighbors, one couple who is American, and everyone has been really friendly.

I have plans to share more about the kitchen soon. I am trying to plan a couple of storage DIY solutions, so stay tuned for that!



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