The Organized Life: 5 tips to organizing a closet in a small space.

January 22, 2015

Organized Closet-2I didn’t grow up as an organized person. I have been known to quite literally sweep things under the rug a time or two. Being organized is not always an inate skill. But the good news is that it’s never too late to learn!

Over the holidays I talked to one of my friends about New Year’s goals. I told her that my biggest one was to have an organized, streamlined life. Sound familiar? It’s basically turned into a mantra, especially now that having a baby has added a whole new level of need to stay organized.

Organized Closet

I wanted to share a few things I have learned over the years about gaining control over at least one area: the bedroom closet. Now, I used to be kind of a pack rat when it came to clothes, bags, shoes, belts, scarves…you name it. I also used to spend a lot of my free time scouring thrift stores, so as you can imagine, I had stacks on stacks on stacks of shit. Yes, shit. Because that is what most of it was. Which leads me to tip number one:

1. Be brutal and purge, purge, purge!
Say bye-bye to excess! Take a look in your closet and ask yourself “What do I really need“, or better yet, “What do I actually wear all of the time?”. Yes, you have those special occasion pieces that you save for years and hardly wear, but day to day, do you really need everything in your closet? For example, I tend to kind of buy the same kinds of pieces over and over- for a long time it was stripes. I took a look in my closet one day and realized I had 3 quarter-length black and white striped shirts that were almost identical. Does one really need this many nautical striped tops? It will sting a little, getting rid of some of those things, but pare down to your favorite peices and I promise you, you won’t miss any of those things you toss.

Organized Closet-6

2. Uniform is key.
This might seem trivial, but trust me, it’s super important: buy uniformed clothes hangers. Toss out all of those hodge podge wire and plastic hangers and invest in some nice wooden or streamline plastic hangers. Visually, it makes a huge difference and, surprisingly, everything fits better in your closet when you aren’t trying to jam mismatched or cheap hangers into every tiny hole.

Organized Closet-93. Closet cubes.
Speaking of uniform, investing in a cube storage system for your closet is another important tip. I found these flexible cubes at Ikea for about $10 a pack of 6 differently shaped bins. These are great for small storage because they give you the opportunity to utilize your closet space more efficiently and to compartmentalize your wardrobe. For example, instead of having one huge, messy bin of scarves, I have two bins – one of heavier scarves and one of more lightweight fabric scarves.

Organized Closet-11 Organized Closet-12 Organized Closet-54. Display your favorite pieces.
This has always been one of my favorite little tricks. Obviously, we all have those tshirts that are pitted out and those shoes that should probably be thrown out. I like to neatly hide those away and showcase the pieces I am most proud of. I know this sounds silly, but I actually think this is a way to have daily self affirmations without even knowing it. If you start your day feeling good about what you see in your closet, I think it sets a positive tone for the rest of the day.

Organized Closet-7 2015-01-22 Organized Closet-16

5. Store away seasonal clothes.
This is such a simple way to keep your small closet space to a minimum. I have all of my summer items neatly tucked in a soft box under my bed, and as soon the weather permits, I will be trading the winter stuff that is in here now with those more breezy summer clothes.

Organized Closet-10Aaaaaaah it feels good, guys! I’m not gonna lie – I worked on this closet for about 10 days and it is finally done.

What are your biggest organizational challenges?



One thought on “The Organized Life: 5 tips to organizing a closet in a small space.

  1. Marlene @ Jade and Fern

    Aaahh, such good tips! And your closet does look neat and tidy and accessible, good job! I seem to be the opposite of you–I used to be an innately organized person, but over the years I’ve gotten more scatterbrained and everything is always a mess now. Bummer. My biggest challenge is definitely DIY/craft supplies! I purge as much as I can, but ultimately I just don’t have enough storage for those things, and it shows!


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