Make: A Scarf into a Kimono in under 5 mins

February 23, 2015

untitled-105I don’t know if it’s the sunny days that have been peeking through or if I’m just tired of wearing bulky, gray and black layers, but I could not be more ready for spring. I’ve started planning my Spring Wardrobe on Pinterest , and I keep stumbling across lots of beautiful, flowy, springy looking kimono-style pieces. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect one and, while there are so many choose from, I just can’t make my mind up. I remembered this scarf I got on sale from Zara a while back that is truly the softest thing I have ever touched. It’s also a HUUUUUGE rectangle of fabric, and while I loves me a big ole scarf, this particular piece of fabric is just too pretty to be wrapped and twisted into unrecognition – this pattern is seriously so beautiful. It deserved to be seen!

untitled-124All you need to make a quick kimono is a scarf or a large square or rectangular piece of fabric of your choosing, and some needle and thread. Simply fold the top section over onto the scarf (the size of the fold depends on how long you want the kimono to be/how drapy you want the arms to be). I wanted my kimono to be longer, so I folded over about an 12 inch section. I simple sewed the two sections together, about a 5 inch stitch, leaving plenty of room open at the end to keep it nice and flowy. How many times can I use the adjective “flowy” in one blog post, you ask? A lot, apparently. Leave the big section in the middle unstitched – that will drape around your shoulders. Repeat the same 5 inch stitch on the other side to create the other “sleeve”, and then…

Kimono… you’ve got yourself a kimono of sorts! I can totally see this being a perfect around the house piece of clothing or a beachy coverup.

untitled-109 untitled-116Another plus to this simple DIY is that, if you are careful with your stitching, you can easily pull the thread out and wear your scarf for its original use!

***Also, please forgive the terrible photos of me “modeling” this thing. I haven’t exactly mastered the art of self portraits.

Come on spring!

(Here are a few tutorials I found on making your own kimono, if you are feeling adventurous!)
Kimono Tutorial – by Irene
Kimono Tutorial – by cottonandcurls
Kimono Tutorial – by Francois et Moi


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