Make: A Eucalyptus Wreath

March 4, 2015

untitled-30Ever find yourself with a bundle of month old, dried out eucalyptus branches? Ever pluck the dried leaves off and stare at the pile for a couple of days pondering how your life came to be that you are the type of person to save dead, dried leaves of a plant to repurpose? No? Well, just in case it ever happens, here is what you do: make a wreath.

Eucalyptus has been abundant at the corner flower shops here in Paris, and it’s one of my favorite plants, so I have been treating myself to a bundle here and there. It smells amazing, even when it’s old and dead, and it lasts fooooooorreeeeeevvvveeerrrr (#sandlotreference)

Also, our walls are pretty bare because we are still figuring out how exactly to curate the photographs we have and are wanting to add some actual art eventually. So for now, it’s nice to have small and temporary pops of color to brighten up our apartment during the winter.

All you need is:

untitled-16Some dried-out-ole eucalyptus, scissors, a cross-stitch frame, and a hot glue gun.


Gently pluck the leaves off of the branch – they tend to snap pretty easily when they are dry.

untitled-15Glue the leaves to the cross stitch frame in descending order, big to small.


Disclaimer: The hot glue left permanent spots on the leaves. I tried this project with super glue and fabric glue, and neither took.

untitled-32 untitled-31And there you go.

Happy wreathing, everybody =)

One thought on “Make: A Eucalyptus Wreath

  1. Ashley Palmer

    You made me lol with your Sandlot reference. Your posts are so beautiful and inspiring, Katy!


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