Make: Leather Barrette

February 5, 2016

Leather Barrette-2Over the holidays I was out shopping for gifts when I came across this really simple, leather barrette. It wasn’t super expensive (about $25), but I was trying to stay on track to buy gifts for the people on my list, not myself (it’s a slippery slope).

I went back after the holidays to the same store, and of course, that pretty leather barrette was nowhere to be found. Of course. It was such a little thing – why didn’t I just buy it when I had the chance. One thing about shopping in Paris that I’ve learned over the past year is when you see it and you want it – buy it. Because it may not be there again. Ever.

Leather Barrette-3

This posed a problem with a simple solution- make one! I happened to have all of the makings of a leather barrette right at home: some old, leftover hyde from another project, some Snap Clip barrettes and, my very favorite lazy-DIYer tool – the hot glue gun.

Leather Barrette-4

The process is simple really – no need to get too technical. Just cut the leather around the clip to measure, and cut a rectangle as neatly as you can (I guess if you really wanna be a perfectionist, grab a ruler, a pen and an Exacto Knife or leather knife. You do you.).

Leather Barrette-5Then use your hot glue (or fabric glue, if you think it will bond to the metal. Or old chewing gum. Whatever works!) and adhere the hyde to the barrette.

Leather Barrette-6

Leather Barrette-1I like it. Simple and different and much better than that unsightly rubber band I’ve been using to tie my hair back lately.

Stay tuned for more fashion here on The Clever Bunny. I realized over the holidays that so many of my clothes are the same – I keep buying different versions of the same pieces every time I shop, mostly boxy cut tops and drapey blouses. As part of my New Year’s Resolution I decided to make an effort to use this fancy new sewing machine to master making those simple items I am drawn to. I mean, it can’t be that hard, right???? RIGHT?!

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