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Make: A Coiled Rope Trivet

September 3, 2014

untitled-9If you are like me and have heat rings all over your house, then there is no such thing as too many trivets. I had the idea to make this trivet the other day using some rope and wooden beads I had lying around. A while back I purchased these wooden beads for the beaded extension cord project, and I maaaaaay have gone a little overboard on the quantity. Also, I maaaaaaay have a problem with owning too much rope. Especially for someone who owns neither a boat or a truck with which to use said rope.


So what is a girl to do with all these beads and rope? Make an awesome trivot, that’s what!! And you know me – it’s a really simple project, just how I like it.

Just start coiling the rope and glueing as you go (I used hot glue because I thrive on instant gratification), and keep going until you achieve the desired trivet size.

untitled-66Once you have the trivot to the size you want, go ahead and glue on the beads to act as feet for the trivot. I painted my trivet with black acrylic paint, just because I like the drama. That’s right. I used the words trivet and drama in the same sentence.

untitled-47 untitled-32 untitled-28It’s perfect for my morning coffee. And it would definitely be sturdy enough to put a small pot on.

untitled-49 untitled-53What do you think? It might be fun to do a few more in coordinating colors.


Personal Creations: Personalized Mason Jars

April 11, 2014

Personal Creations-Ginger Syrup-8I LOVE giving personalized gifts. It doesn’t always work out that I, ahem, plan ahead in enough time, but when I do, I love adding a personal touch to a gift. It’s a huge reason that I love making gifts for people.

I was super excited to discover Personal Creations , an online gift catalog where you can personalize any item from their website for free. I especially love their Entertaining section where you can find virtually any kitchen or bar item.

I got these mason jars -etched with a “C” for our last name – and I love the handles on them! These are perfect for summertime, for sitting in my backyard, enjoying lemonade (a.k.a. a margarita). We use mason jars instead of glassware, so these fit in perfectly with our collection.

Personal Creations-Ginger Syrup-5Remember that ginger syrup I made? I used my new Personalized Creations mason jars to drink a ginger soda- I added 2 tblsp of the syrup and poured a can of La Croix over some ice and lemon juice to make a perfect, spicy and refreshing drink.

Personal Creations-Ginger Syrup-6 Personal Creations-Ginger Syrup-9 Personal Creations-Ginger Syrup-7

There are tons of gifts to choose from, many of which would be perfect for wedding or housewarming gifts. And they are affordable, which is always a plus. Be sure to check out their website at

**It’s important to note that while I was not paid for this post, Personal Creations was kind enough to send me these mason jars free of charge. 



Make: Homemade Ginger Syrup

April 9, 2014

Personal Creations-Ginger Syrup-3

Guys. I am a little more than 3 weeks out from my due date, and I cannot WAIT for that post-pregnancy glass of wine. While we were trying to get pregnant, I weened myself off of coffee and soda, and worked hard to increase my daily water intake (which was, admittedly, very poor).   My doctor told me it is perfectly safe to have a small amount of caffeine each day and to even indulge in the occasional glass of wine, but I decided to hold off for a perfect “Let’s-celebrate-I-just-gave-birth-to-a-new-life-and-i’m-turning-30” post pregnancy cocktail. Still, every once in a while I need a treat, and ginger beer has been my drink of choice when I join my husband or friends for the occasional happy hour.

Ginger, a delicious tasting, aromatic root, has a lot of health benefits for a pregnant woman: it can help to ease an upset stomach (take note, first trimester mommas!) and can help to soothe heartburn (which I have had plenty of). I found a simple recipe to make ginger syrup, and decided to give it a try!

Personal Creations-Ginger Syrup-2The whole process was super easy – I let the ginger “steep” for about an hour in the simple syrup.

Personal Creations-Ginger Syrup-4Add a tablespoon to your favorite cocktail or sparkling wine, or combine it with regular sparkling water like I did for a refreshing and delicious mocktail. Garnish with lemon and enjoy!

Make: An Ombre Green St. Patrick’s Day Cake

March 17, 2014

St Pattys Cake Happy St. Patrick’s Day, friends! In lieu of my normal pint with a side of whiskey neat, I decided to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year with green cake- that’s right folks. Green cake is the new green beer, at least when you are 33 weeks pregnant. Not only is this a green cake, it’s an ombre green cake!

St Pattys Cake-14

I followed this recipe for the cake, adding green food coloring to the cake batter.

St Pattys Cake-1I added green food coloring in 3 steps. Since this is a layered cake, I cut the batter into 3 equal portions, adding a little more food coloring to each portion before pouring it into the pan. St Pattys Cake-2After mixing in the food coloring, I had 3 cake pans varying in degrees of greenness. st p cake topperWhile the cakes baked, I used that time to make a cake topper using dark and neon green pom poms…

St Pattys Cake-5After baking and cooling, it was time to ice the cake! Kind of my favorite part…second favorite, next to eating it.

St Pattys Cake-6I added some shaved coconut to the top for a little savory texture…St Pattys Cake-8…and added the cake topper…St Pattys Cake-10…and then sliced!St Pattys Cake-13And enjoy! To those of you not pregnant, I would venture to say this cake would be super delicious with a cold beer. But that’s just me.St Pattys Cake-9I hope you enjoy a happy and safe St. Patty’s Day!



March 12, 2014


Connor made waffles on Sunday morning, and I can’t stop thinking about them. I had 2…and a half. With a cold glass of almond milk.