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A Very Belated Hello

September 9, 2017

Our dining room – credenza from West Elm

Starting this post is kind of wild- I haven’t been here, in this space, for a while. A year and seven months, roughly, so it feels like revisiting the past, or going back to your old high school or something. Suffice to say, the last 19 or so months have brought with them a lot of changes- an international move, a new baby, two new jobs, a new house – just to name a few.

During the last almost two years (I can’t believe it’s been that long!), I haven’t quite had the time or headspace to keep up with this blog. I’ve been in a state of survival, in the best way, but busy to say the least. And things have not slowed down. Still, I am getting to a routine again and finding a way to carve out time for myself and to foster my creativity. I’ve been more involved in my photography work and my new part time job in business development has me writing again.


A view of downtown Houston on a sunny day

Just to catch you up, my husband, son and I moved back to my hometown of Houston, Texas last September. After two, amazing years living in Paris, France, we were ready to come home. Little did we know we were taking a souvenir with us. Our daughter, Charlotte (whom we call Charlie) was born in April, 3 days after our son’s 3rd birthday. Upon arriving in Houston, I started a new job at a non-profit within a week, found us a home to live in 2 weeks later, and put my 2 year old in school for the first time. It was…something. I’ve definitely always been a “dive in head first” kind of person, but even all of that change was enough to make my head spin. All the while, I was about 10 weeks pregnant and dealing with fatigue, nausea, and an extreme level of anxiety about our impending circumstances – I was going to be a mother of TWO children. I had barely gotten used to being a mother to one and was uncertain that I would be able to divide my time well enough to a second one. I was insistent on working again, because after two years of not working, I was itching to get back out into the workforce.

Our master bedroom, vintage rug from England and the blue dresser is a DIY I want to share

The upside – and one of the main reasons we were so ready to move home – has been being close to friends and family again. Watching all of our friends’ lives evolve with businesses, babies, relationships has been amazing. And connecting so closely with family and having them in our children’s lives has been insurmountably amazing. Giving my parents keys to our home was one of the greatest feelings I’ve had to date. We are home.


Our baby Charlie has also been amazing – she sleeps!! Who knew babies actually did that?! On top of that, she is absolutely the sweetest addition to a family that anyone could ask for. She smiles every morning at us like we are the greatest things on earth, and has made life so easy for us. I can’t imagine a life without Charlie in it.


We are renting a beautiful home in Spring Branch, an old Houston neighborhood near the Buffalo Bayou with trees and that arch over streets and ranch homes people like myself have dreamed of living in my whole life. Now that I’m working again, we’re saving to buy a home that we can fix up. The home we live in was built in the 40’s and was completely redone before we moved in by the best landlord we have ever had. I’ll definitely share more of our home in later posts.


I’m working in downtown Houston now at an engineering consulting firm, and am loving it. I’m working in marketing with a diagnostics group and am learning the depths of what it takes to build and maintain structures. It’s been super interesting since my interest in design has been mostly aesthetic up to this point. Learning beyond that has only fueled my interest in design.


Colin is 3 and a half, and is every bit as cute as he was the last time I posted about him. If not more cute. I don’t focus a lot on parenting here on this blog, so take my word, he’s the light of our lives. And I love his little room. We brought a bed home from Paris that we bought at AM PM right before we moved home. He’s due for an upgrade, so I’m sure you will see more of this room.

Our back patio


My patio!!!!! I have missed having a real outdoor space – something we didn’t have in Paris. I live outside, ya’ll. At least in the evenings. Fall has arrived here and I can’t wait until the mosquitos disappear and we can relax back here.

I found this Eames knock-off on a buy/sell/trade page for $25. Above this chair is a beautiful piece by our amazingly talented artist friend Bret Shirley

So pretty much, that’s it. I’m excited to get my creative wheels spinning again, and to reconnect with the blog world. The look of this blog will change- it’s due for a facelift, but it won’t change much beyond that.I have a few little projects in the works that I will break out my real camera for, but in the meantime, please hop over to Apartment Therapy to see some of the work I’ve been doing there.

***Also, we are doing fine in Houston. We had a rough week last week, but my family is luckier than so many in that we weren’t affected by Hurricane Harvey. There are so many people in Houston that need help right now – please feel free to donate to one of many local organizations that are working around the clock to restore life for victims of Harvey. You can donate here, here or here.

It’s good to be back!

Monet’s Gardens in Giverny

September 27, 2015

Monet's GardensHello! I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to share these photos. My mom came to Paris for 3 weeks back in the Spring, and this one of our adventures we had together. We hopped on a train from Paris to Giverny to see Claude Monet’s gardens behind his home there. It was a warm, spring day, and the whole experience was pretty magical.

Mom's Trip to Paris-7 Mom's Trip to Paris-12 Mom's Trip to Paris-18It was impossible to get a photo without other tourists in the shot, especially from this part of the garden. I had to take it really quickly before someone else hopped in front of me.

Mom's Trip to Paris-24 Mom's Trip to Paris-27 Mom's Trip to Paris-28All these flowers were so much more beautiful in person. Occasionally, I feel like no photo could do justice to the real thing, and this was definitely one of those times. It didn’t stop me, though!

Mom's Trip to Paris-34 Mom's Trip to Paris-58 Mom's Trip to Paris-43Our favorite part was the aqua gardens. My mom and I both shed a few tears – it was so moving and has been a dream of my mother’s to see this place. To get to do it together, with my sweet baby sleeping in his stroller, was pretty much the best.

Mom's Trip to Paris-65 Mom's Trip to Paris-62It was such a great trip!


Check our Marina and Seb’s House on Apartment Therapy

August 31, 2015

untitled-59 We spent a month in my hometown of Houston, Texas in August. We returned to Paris on Saturday and my way of battling jet lag has been to relive the month via photos that I took for several Apartment Therapy home tours I shot while there. It was so great to get to shoot my friends homes, as well as a couple of people I didn’t know prior to photographing their homes. Marina & Sebastiano are recent transplants to Houston from NYC. They were used to limited space when they lived in New York, so purchasing a home in Houston meant a whole lot of firsts, including furnishing a 2 bedroom house in the historic Heights neighborhood close to downtown Houston. In my early 20’s I worked in the Heights. I used to ride my bike to work and wind through the neighborhoods to get off of the busy streets and admire all of the early 20th century craftsman houses. A lot of homeowners in this neighborhood are tearing down and rebulding more modern style homes (which I also like), so it’s nice to see that some people are preserving the history of this neighborhood with modern, innovative remodels. Check out the full home tour, survey and resource list over at Apartment Therapy! untitled-67 untitled-19

My new gig at Apartment Therapy!

July 30, 2015

Libby   Tim’s Natural   Glamorous Parisian Flat — House Tour   Apartment TherapyWell hello! Things have come to screeching halt around here and here’s why: I have a new gig working over at Apartment Therapy! AT has been one of my favorite home and lifestyle blogs for years, suffice to say, I am VERY excited to be joining their team as a home tour contributor.

My first post was published two days ago. My new and very gracious friends Tim and Libby allowed me to shoot their beautiful Parisian apartment and I am so excited that I get to share it with all of you!

Hop on over to Apartment Therapy and check out the post. I will keep you updated on the home tours I will be contributing in the future.

I’ll be travelling back to the states (to Houston and Austin, Texas) for the month of August, so I will be doing some home tours there as well. When I return to Paris, I have a few more European home tours lined up.


Visiting Stavanger, Norway: Scandinavian Design

June 17, 2015

Scandinavian Accessories

I’m sitting at our hotel in Stavanger, Norway, a place so far off my radar until now it might as well have been on Mars. My husband had a three week long work trip here, and in lieu of sitting home alone in Paris on my birthday, we decided to take the two hour plane ride to visit for 10 days. Upon landing in Stavanger, I was immediately captivated by the landscape – you could see the low sitting mountains and hills and beautiful farmhouses from the plane, not too mention the navy blue sea on either side of the city. I was nervous because I don’t understand even a small inkling of the Norwegian language, but luckily, everyone (and I mean everyone) speaks English here. It’s impressive and almost erie how Norwegians go from perfect native language to perfect English in one sentence.
It’s no surprise, what with Stavanger being the oil capital of Norway – they are used to visitors.
Also not surprising is how cold it is here. We are right on the water, which I need to point out, is the most beautiful blue color of any ocean water I have ever stood next to. The fish that come from that water are also equally as beautiful and delicious.
However my favorite part about being here in Norway is getting to creep on all of the gorgeous Scandinavian design. It’s everywhere. Every store front is taunting. My favorite spot to drool over Scandinavian design so far here in Stavanger has been ting, a two story boutique with tons of choices for kitchen wares, home accessories, furniture, beauty products and gifts.
I have always loved furniture coming from this part of the world, but this trip introduced me to the side of Scandinavian design that is more attainable for me – accessories. I discovered three new Scandinavian brands here that I love, and wanted to share- some of my favorite picks from the three are below, left to right:

1/ Muuto “Restore” Small Item Storage
2/ Menu Stone Storage Jars
3/ Muuto Visu Woodbase Chair in Pink
4/ Menu Tribeca Reade Table Lamp
5/ Menu Wire Base
6/ Normann Copenhagen Tablo Table
7/ Menu Chamber Light Candle Holder
8/ Muuto “The Dots” Wall Hanging System
9/ Menu Steel Wall Clock in Green
10/ Normann Copenhagen Block Table (tea cart)